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The Urban Tails Waggin' Pet Professionals


Rebecca Lawstuen
Owner & Top Dog Walker of Urban Tails Waggin'

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Southeastern Minnesota and learned animal care-giving along with my ABC's.  During my childhood, I spent countless days outdoors with my faithful companion, Puppy Love - an adorable mutt and the best friend a girl could ever have asked for. After I graduated from the University of Minnesota,  I worked my way through the corporate world and found it most discouraging to my soul. In 2007, I took a deep breath and finally pursued my dream of spending my days alongside animals once again. I started Urban Tails Waggin' to provide the very best dog walking service and cat care service that I could. And I haven't looked back.

Urban Tails Waggin' continues to grow with the huge support of my family and my beloved and extremely smart Board of Directors - Lola and Beren.  (pictured with me)   They are my inspiration.  They make me a better person each and every day as they remind me to stop and smell flowers on our walk, to run through the rain puddles and jump into snow drifts, to laugh, to love, and to live as DOG. 

As I enter my tenth year in business, I cannot imagine doing anything else.  I am truly blessed to spend my days with all of these amazing creatures, enjoying the outdoors, and knowing each night when I close my eyes, that I made someone happy today.

Mary Clare Czaja, Twyla Hill, Peter Larson, Stef Flasch,       Colleen Riley, Judy Purman & Shawn McWhorter