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Meet & Greet Visit - free of charge
This will establish our initial relationship between our new client and Management, and most importantly to start creating a special bond with their pet. 
Our goal is to create an individualized experience for you and your pet; we will go step-by-step through your pet’s routine so nothing has to change when we come for our special walk or visit.

Appointments are usually 15-30 minutes and at your home.

Dog Walks:
Neighborhood walk to stretch their legs, enjoy lots of smells, give them exercise, and a chance to go potty. We will always refill their water after each walk, and provide all the love and snuggles possible. We can also reinforce, and work on commands they are in the process of learning. 
Feeding can also be completed during this time.

15 Minutes    $18
30 Minutes    $22
45 Minutes    $27
60 Minutes    $32

90 Minutes    $50

Potty Break, Food & Water Visits
Ensuring your pet’s basic needs are met if you have a long day away from home. This visit includes a bathroom break, food, water, administering any necessary medications, and plenty of love. For those who’d like a visit but don’t necessarily need a walk. Walks and playtime can also be included.

15min = $18
30min = $22
45min = $27
60min = $32
90min = $50

Pet Sitting Walks or Visits
Doggie Clients: Can include a neighborhood walk, inside/outside playtime, command practice, potty break, lots of love and snuggles, will refill their water and can feed them if needed. 
Kitty Clients: Will include completing our kitty chores - refill water, put down food, scoop litter boxes, sweep up excess litter, dispose of dirty litter in the outside garbage can, and provide lots of love and interaction for your sweetheart.
Medications can also be administered if needed for any pet.
15min = $18
30min = $22
45min = $27
60min = $32
90min = $50

Pet Sitting 60min Daily Visits Package Options:
2 visits/day = $60 
3 visits/day = $84 

Overnight Visit
We will bring in the mail, water plants, take out the garbage/recycling and provide a lived-in look while you’re away. A team member will stay 12hrs in your home, will include feeding, refresh water, potty break/walks, entertaining your pets, and tons of love and snuggles!
Overnight Visit = $75

1-On-1 Playtime Visits
We can play matchmaker to find a good play partner for your pup among our other clients looking for playtime. Pet Parents will meet outside of Paw Print to see if their pups will be a good playtime match. Once all Pet Parents are on board and the initial meeting goes well, we’ll bring the pups together at one of their homes for some backyard 1-on-1 playtime. There will always be 2 team members there to ensure your pups will stay safe and have a nonstop, fun-filled playdate.
30min = $22
45min = $27
60min = $32
90min = $50

Weekly Poop Scoop - $25
One of our pack members will come over and clean up all the “poop bombs” in your yard. This can also include a potty break, refilling their water, and lots of snuggles for your pup while we are there.

Special Services
We have the ability to pick up food, house supplies, and other items to ease the stress from our client’s days, or during pet sitting visits.
Can also include transporting your pet to the groomers, doggie daycare, vet, or wherever else they need to go.
Price will depend on travel time, otherwise normal walk/visit rates will apply if transporting can be done within the time frame.

$10 fee added to each visit on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Inclement Weather:
We reserve the right to adjust visit routines based on inclement weather to avoid putting your pet and our service providers at risk. In extreme heat and cold, we may limit outdoor activities for your dog’s safety. In these instances, if you do not give us specific instructions regarding your dog’s routine, these decisions will be made at the discretion of our service providers.

We will waive the late cancellation fee if you wish to cancel visits because of inclement weather after 9:00 am for same-day appointments.


All Services are subject to Minnesota Sales Tax:  Saint Paul - 7.875%,  Minneapolis 8.025%