Urban Tails Waggin'

​​​All dog walking services, cat sitting, and pet taxi are available for Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN residents.  We do apologize that we are unable to cover any surrounding suburbs at this time.

Dog Walks:
Daily dog walks are what all the dogs are talking about!  While you're away, we ensure your dog receives a fun-filled visit of exercise, socialization, and games. Not to mention,   plenty of kisses and belly rubs! Because we know every dog is different, we tailor each of our visits to your pet's unique needs.  We can let your dog out in their fenced yard, go on relaxed walks with your older dogs, or take a brisk walk with your energy bunny.
Daily dog walks are offered Monday through Sunday from 7 AM - 10 PM.
15 Minutes    $18
30 Minutes    $22
45 Minutes    $27
60 Minutes    $32

90 Minutes    $50
*$5 for each additional dog

Overnights Visits in your Home (12 Hours) $75


Dog Park Visits:

Who doesn't love a field trip? Our dog park visits add additional excitement to your pet's day! Happy dogs need regular exercise and mental stimulation. Trips to the dog park take that to the next level. Dogs can run free, swim and play with other dogs, giving them the opportunity to have a change in routine. In order to participate in dog park visits, all dogs must be up to date on vaccinations. City Dog License, Park Permit, and ID tags are required. Dogs must be social with other dogs and people and possess recall skills.

1 hour visit (includes transport time)    $32
2 hour visit (includes transport time)    $60

Cat Sitting:

Urban Tails Waggin'isn't just about the dogs, we LOVE your cats too! Cat sitting visits are catered to meet your cats needs whether they are timid and shy, playful and inquisitive, or lover cuddle bugs.  All visits include feeding, medications if needed, litter box refreshing, playtime and tons of love and affection.

Pricing is for up to 2 cats in one household. $5 for each additional cat.

1 - 15 minute visit    $18  (for the fearful cats that are anxious with strangers)
1 - 30 minute visit    $22


*Please ask!  If we are able to accommodate, we will work out a perfect package for you.  If we cannot, we will give you referrals!

Dog Boarding:
We do offer very limited dog boarding in the homes of our pet sitters. We require at least 2 weeks notice in addition to a mandatory "meet and greet" with the pet sitter to ensure a good fit with your dog. Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations, flea/tick medications, and sociable with other dogs and people.
1 Dog      $40/ per night stay
2 Dogs    $55/per night stay

In Your Home Dog Sitting:

$60 per day

Dog Sitting:
We offer limited dog sitting services.  While you're out of town, we visit multiple times per day so your dog will never have to leave the comfort and security of home. Because your dog's health and well-being is our top priority, we require a minimum of 3 visits per day. Being alone for extended periods of time is hard on dogs, so this service is only available for up to 3 days.
Dog Sitting is a limited availability service, so please contact us in advance to see if we have availability to meet your needs. Pricing is based on timing of each visit, number of pets (dogs,cats,other) and requested package of 3 or 4 visits per day.
30 minutes each visit start at $20

Pet Taxi:
Having trouble getting your pet around town? We can help! We offer taxi service to vet appointments, grooming appointments, or drop them at their grandparents for a weekend get-away!  We do not transport humans, only pets.
Dogs must be used to riding in cars. Cats must be in their travel crates.
This is a scheduled service, please call in advance for availability.

15 minute round-trip    $15
30 minute round-trip    $20
60 minute round-trip    $30


All Services are subject to Minnesota Sales Tax:  Saint Paul - 7.875%,  Minneapolis 8.025%